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About Khadi

The handspun cotton, known as Khadi is of special significance to Indians. Gandhi elevated the fragile thread of cotton to a symbol of strength and self-sufficiency, and to provide employment to the millions during India's freedom struggle, and that symbolism of wearing cloth made by human hands has continued till this day.

In India, khadi is not just a cloth, it represents a culture; it is in fact a symbol of revolutionary movement initiated by Mahatma Gandhi. The Khadi movement promulgated an ideology, an idea that Indians could be self dependent by making cloths with the use of Hemp and end the dependency on the high priced goods and clothes which the British were selling to them. The British would purchase cotton from India at cheap rates and export them to Britain where they were woven to make clothes. These clothes were then brought back to India to be sold at high prices. The Khadi Movement therefore, was aimed at boycotting foreign merchandise including cotton and promoting Indian goods, thereby contributing in the improvement of India's economy. Mahatma Gandhi began promoting the spinning of Khadi to generate employment in the rural hinterland and make people self-reliant in 1920s India, thus making Khadi an indispensable part and a symbol of the Swadesi Movement. The Swadesi Movement, a crucial phase in India's freedom struggle, revolved around the use of Khadi fabrics and the denouncement of foreign-made clothes.

In response to complaints by some people over the expenses in wearing Khadi clothes, Mahatma Gandhi started wearing only Dhoti. Thereby, Khadi not only offered people a cheap alternative to the foreign clothing but became a political symbol that promoted the idea of setting country free from foreign hand. The impact of the Khadi movement was so strong that most politicians in India are seen in Khadi clothing till today. The Indian Flag is only allowed to be made from this material. Recent years have witnessed a revival in the Khadi movement with many designers are engaged in giving Khadi a new look.

Khadi is a handspun fabric employing the people of rural areas by providing them work in their homes.

Quality Assurance

From the very first day of our foundation, our motto lies in catering to the market needs by best in class products. Finest quality thread is sourced by us from trusted firms for making offered product-line including Khadi Cloth, Khadi Towel, Cotton Khadi Cloth, High Class Khadi Cotton Cloth, Bed Sheet, Lungi, Poly Khadi and Cotton Shirting etc. A quality controlling team vigils each stage of cloth spinning and stitching for making sure that no compromise with quality takes place. This team also gauges fine finished khadi products on the basis of their spinning, looks, softness and skin-friendliness.

Products Portfolio

Our enterprise is indulged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting following products:

  • Khadi Cloth
  • High Class Khadi Cotton Cloth
  • Bed Sheet
  • Khadi Towel
  • Dhoti
  • Lungi
  • Razaai
  • Groom Clothing
  • Poly Khadi
  • Shirting
  • Suiting
  • Cotton Shirting
  • Khadi Fabrics
  • Quilt
  • Curtain Cloth Lumphs for making varied Cotton Shirts, Pants & Kurta Pajama
Our Team

Assisted by the hard efforts of a diligent team of personnel, we have been able to become a well-known manufacturer of khadi products, across the world. The professionals working with us are self-motivated and hold knowledge of handling spinning wheel, which aid in making offered range of khadi products in an excellent speed. Moreover, all our personnel work in complete synchronization with one another to take organization on the height of success.